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Congratulations! Your surfaces are finished and you want to keep them in the same condition for years and years.

The care you give your surfaces will determine how long they last in good condition.

Here are a few tips that you need to consider after you have new surfaces.
Before you put any furniture back in the house, buy felt pads. You can buy them from us or in any local hardware store. Make an inventory of all the furniture that will need pads so you buy enough of the various sizes you will need. Make sure you don’t set your furniture on the floor before you take care of this step. We offer this service for a convenient price; ask your sales representative to help you with this important protection.
If your surfaces were re-finished or buffed and recoated you might want to wait five to seven days before you start cleaning with your regular cleanser or a cleanser that we recommend. We offer maintenance kits for a very low price and if you buy one from us, our technician can give you a free demonstration of how to use it properly.
In some cases a wooden floor will need to be exposed to light so the wood gets aged or oxidized and the color gets richer. Make sure you do not place area rugs on the floor for at least the first month, depending on how much light comes into your house. Not all hardwood floors will need this extra step, only some types of wood (e.g. Brazilian Cherry, American Cherry, maple, etc.). Remember this process can take a long time and you will need to move things around in order for the color to develop evenly.
Vacuum the floor using only a wand-vacuum that has soft bristles. Avoid using carpet vacuums since they are not created for wooden floors and stone or tile surfaces, and the vacuum’s wheels may scratch the floor. You can use a broom with soft bristles but a light-weight (wand) vacuum works best.

We will recommend a water-base cleanser for wooden floors, natural stone and tile. Avoid cleansers that produce shine because these cleansers make the floor very messy and dirty. If you already have problems with product build-up on the floor, contact us and one of our sales representatives will advise you on the best services to fix the problem.
If you have a pet who shares your home, pay special attention so he or she doesn’t destroy your surfaces. Cat’s urine and dog’s long claws can severely damage almost any surface. Be sure your dog’s claws are well trimmed and keep cat’s urine away from wooden and natural stone floors.
Do not spill water repeatedly in the same areas or use water to clean a wooden floor since this will force the wood to expand and make the finish separate, damaging the floor prematurely.
Do not spill acidic liquids (e.g. orange juice, wine, perfume, or tomato-based products) on natural stone since these liquids can etch it. The only solution for fixing this problem is restoring the surface. If you already have this type of problem or you have permanent marks you want to remove, give us a call and we can help you.

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