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Door Maintenance

Door Maintenance in Orange & Los Angeles Counties
   Have you invested in solid wood doors for your new property? Are you proud of the elegance your solid wood brings to your home? In that case, wood door maintenance is key to ensuring your investment is well taken care of and it stands the test of time.
   The maintenance requirements of your doors may vary depending upon the environmental conditions in your area, the frequency of use, the location of the door (indoor or outdoor), its exposure to sunlight and moisture and the products used to finish it. Wood doors that bake in the sun for more than 4 hours every day will deteriorate quickly without proper care.
   In any case, if the factory finish is not carefully maintained, it will begin to fail, and your door may require a full refinishing. So, as soon as you see signs of deterioration like dulling, unnaturally raised grain or a shade of white surface cast to the final finish of the door, you must consider restoring the door as soon as possible to prevent your investment from being ruined.

So, why not leave your door maintenance in the hands of the professional team at Better Surfaces and Services?
   Having been in the wood installation and maintenance trade for years’ now, we know exactly what it takes to maintain the natural luster and beauty of wood.
Better Surfaces and Services will properly restore the finish of your door and apply a professional grade finish to provide long-term performance.
All you need to do is give us a call today on 1-866-999-3901 and request an obligation free quote from our very friendly operator.
Alternatively, you can submit images of your deteriorated doors via our contact form and we’ll get back to you with suggestions and prices in no time.
Trust our door maintenance services to upkeep your very smart investment.