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Frequent questions

Do you quote by phone?
If the customer asks us and we are dealing with common repairs, we usually give approximate budget, since the same failure depends on many factors, such as accessibility, state of old elements, etc. When we move to perform an inspection of the place where the problem occurs, at that time we will be able to offer a closed budget, except that hidden or unforeseen defects appear when working on it.

Do your services guarantee any of the work you do?
So is. In Better Surfaces & Services in any of the services that we offer, cleaning, waxing, retouching, installations, we give them written guarantee according, those given by the manufacturer.
When the customer calls us because a job has not been repaired or has returned to give the same problems that called us, we attend as quickly as if a new service was, without charge, as long as it is inside Of the warranty period and is not a separate fault.

What is the most suitable natural stone to cover a kitchen counter and a kitchen floor?
Granite, because it is more resistant and because it is used traditionally.
But you do not necessarily have to use granite if you like a marble, a travertine or another natural stone you can use.
For example a white marble top is much more delicate than a granite, more susceptible to oil stains, etc., but very beautiful and decorates much more than a granite, produces another very different feeling, although they will age faster than a granite.
The same concept is valid for floors and coatings, that is, if you like marble more because it is more elegant and decorates much more, use the marble taking more care in everyday use and cleaning immediately if you drop oil, Some other product. Neither should be obsessed with cleaning, just take some small precautions and care without exaggerating.

What depends on the length of a lining and floor in natural stone?
Substantially of two factors:

 Of the physical, chemical and organic agents.
 Of the possible errors of projection and of an inadequate maintenance.

How can the tiles be classified in marble and stone?
In external and internal coatings.
The coverings in marble and other natural stones are understood as the stones and all the necessary works with the objective to cover complete buildings or part of them.
And they are mainly used to give them a certain aesthetic appearance, which can even condition the design of the project itself.
The external cladding in marble, stone and granite certainly protects the very structure of the building and this is very important especially in countries where the cement or iron structures that are, are strongly attacked by the combination of concomitant factors, which can Be temperature, humidity, salinity, etc.

How long can a marble or natural stone coating last?
The durability of a natural stone refers to its resistance to the action of atmospheric agents, chemical, physical and organic action.
Atmospheric agents represented by wind, humidity, rain, temperature, fog, smog, to which we must sometimes add, biological agents (fungi, lichens, lower organisms), these exercise on the surface of natural stones type actions Physical rather than chemical.
Solar radiation and cold (ice) subject the natural stones to thermal cycles with frequent presence of ice-thaw.
All these factors act simultaneously to put to hard test the resistance of a material and determining definitively the effective duration of the natural stone in operation or in work.

We want to restore the floor and some linings of our church can you do it?
Yes, of course we can. If you want to contact us and give us more information we can have more precise knowledge of what needs to be done and surely we will be able to make an approximate quote of this work.
The second step will be an on-site inspection and a precise budget of the work to be done.

What does "without wax" floors mean in terms of floor maintenance?
Without wax means your floor has a factory applied coating that does not require polishing or waxing. It is recommended to vacuum or sweep periodically, and use a floor cleaner as needed.

Which is the most suitable wooden floor for my house?
Choosing a floor is a completely personal matter. Basically, it depends on the style of the decoration, since the wooden floor must be combined with other elements: furniture, accessories and lighting.
However, some recommendations are always important for you to decide for sure. Better Surfaces & Services recommends floors that are already factory varnished for their durability and ease of installation and maintenance.

What are the advantages of the wooden floor?
Firstly, wood brings benefits to you: easy to clean, it is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and helps to create the most varied types of environments, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, always with a natural look.
In addition, a wood floor is more advantageous for the environment and is one of the few renewable raw materials. Compared to other industrialized floors, such as plastics that derive from petroleum, wood can be reused several times and is transformed into solid residue, easy to decompose.