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Stone Maintenance

Stone Maintenance in Orange & Los Angeles Counties
   Installing natural stone pavers and tiles in your home or garden is probably one of the best investments you could ever make. Not only will you be experiencing the incomparable pleasure of walking on Mother Nature’s very own creations every single day, but you will be ensuring the value of your property increases if or whenever you are ready to sell it. That’s why stone maintenance is so important.
   Keeping your natural stone flooring fresh and properly maintained will make sure it gives you years of durability and visual appeal. And while natural stone maintenance may seem a relatively simple process it’s best done by a professional team of experts who ensure the abrasiveness of the dirt and dust are properly removed from your floors.

There are plenty of things you can do every day to extend the life and increase the visual appeal of your natural stone floor from:
Mopping and dusting your floors regularly with a non-treated dry dust mop or broom,
To using a vacuum cleaner, 
Damp mopping your natural stone floor, 
Removing spills immediately as they happen with a neutral pH detergent or pure soap, such as Liquid Ivory, and warm water, etc. 
Avoiding products that contain lemon juice, vinegar, acids or abrasive cleaners on marble, limestone or travertine.
Stone Floor Maintance you can trust

If you care for your natural stone regularly, all you’ll need is the team at Better Surface and Services to visit you once every now and then to complete a job well done by you. After all, we have the tools, equipment and, most importantly, the expertise to make sure your stone is properly maintained, cared for and cleaned. It’s the perfect team work!

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