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Tile Installation

Tile Installation in Orange & Los Angeles counties
Thinking about installing a new set of tiles in your bathroom? Do the tiles in your kitchen floor new some upgrading?
You probably thought you could buy the tiles from the local supplier and save some money on labor by installing them yourself?
You’d better stop for a second and think twice.
Wrongly installing tiles and grout can lead to a range of potential problems in the long term – from leaking showers to cracking floors.
Not only that.
Installing tiles sloppily, can and will decrease the value of your home. 
Today’s savvier buyers can often detect poor DIY jobs done to save some money here and there. Your potential buyers will be looking for quality, in addition to appearance.
Having your tiles professionally installed will give you the edge when selling your properties and you’ll be able to ask a higher listing price range.

Trust the professional tile installers at Better Surfaces and Services
   Having spent years in perfecting our trade, the team of tiling experts at Better Surfaces and Services will prevent sloppiness and potential leaking and cracking problems, creating beautiful and functional tiled surfaces that will add great value to your home.
Remember, it takes a lot more than a straight edge, trowel and spacers to properly install and align the tiles.
That’s why, you need to trust a team that has been trained in the latest tiling techniques; a team that avails itself of the newest technology and tools to prevent problems traditionally associated with DIY tiling, like lippage (when a tile has been left higher than the adjacent tile).
So, for tiling Serving Orange, Los Angeles & surrounding counties
, trust none other than Better Surfaces and Services.
Give us a call today on 1-866-999-3901 for an obligation free quote.
Leaving the tiling of your home in our hands will be one of the best decisions you could make.