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Tile Maintance

Tile Maintance in Orange & Los Angeles Counties
   Are your new tiles starting to lose their glory? Do you get the feeling that your investment in tiles is not going to last as long as you expected it? It sounds as if you could do with Better Surfaces and Services’ professional tile maintenance services.
Appropriately maintaining your tiles is just as important as your original decision to purchase and install tiles. And of course, the better the maintenance the longer the tiles’ sealer and grout will last.
   While you’ll probably be able to manage some basic cleaning, vacuuming and mopping, you need the periodic services of a professional tile maintenance team to protect and shine your newly cleaned and sealed surfaces. 

A professional tile maintenance service will include:
Floor identification – to determine the type of tile or stone in your property and the treatment that best suits them. External areas will need different treatments, including pressure cleaning.
Application of cleaning solution – our pet and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are designed to remove all stains and marks from your tile floors. 
Scrub and wash – our team will put the latest technology in tile maintenance into action to loosen any embedded dirt. 
Vacuum suction drying – our final touch to a professional job that will remove the moisture from your tiles, leaving them in perfect condition.
Not sure about the importance of maintaining your tiles regularly?

Feel free to give our expert tile maintenance technicians a call on 1-866-999-3901 to find out more about the process, the materials used and the results.

Remember: Regular maintenance will not only keep your tiles and natural stone looking completely new, but it will also prolong the life of your sealer.
Not only that.
Regular tile maintenance will ensure your tiles look and feel like new when it’s time to sell your property and you are expecting top money for it. So, trust our tile maintenance service team to keep your beautiful tiles as gorgeous as the very first day.