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Wood Floors Maintenance

Wood Floors Maintenance in Orange & Los Angeles Counties
Wood floors are subjected to constant stress and pressure.
For instance, did you know that a 57kg woman wearing high heels will apply a force of over 20,000 psi on a timber floor? That’s a pressure 20 times greater than that exerted by an elephant on the same floor. The legs of your chairs and couches are not doing your wood floors any service either.

That’s why, when it comes to looking after your investment in wood flooring, you need to make sure that certain conditions are met, for instance:
Clean your wood floors using a minimum of water. Instead, apply a damp – not a wet – mop with the grain of the timber not across it.
Never allow water to stand on the floor 
Wipe up leaks or spills immediately and be sure to wipe the floor dry afterwards.
Avoid direct sunlight on your wood floor
Don’t use all-purpose household and window cleaners, steel wool pads, wax or aerosol furniture polish to clean your floor as they could be too abrasive.
Most importantly, don’t forget that your wood floor should be recoated regularly, but particularly when the original finish starts to show signs of wear and tear. Never let it wear out to bare wood as it would then stain easily and may require complete re-sanding.

Experts in Wood Floors Maintenance
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